Digital Service for Breeding

Valuable insight into genetics through an online service

Nordic livestock breeding figures are based on thousands of animals, various trait scores and lots of calculations. Knowledge about the genetic progress of the population is highly valuable to livestock breeders, breeding experts in the Nordic countries and abroad and others with an interest in dairy cattle breeding.

To make this data more accessible, Mtech developed an online service for their client Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation (NAV). NAV Trends is an online service where the user can choose the breed, trait and country they want to view. The data in the service cover Nordic breeding values since 2001. The information is updated four times a year when new breeding values are published.

The online service includes many traits ​​related to animal welfare and health, such as hoof health, udder health and longevity. These traits were emphasised by Nordic livestock breeders before others as early as in the 1980s, making this body of data extremely valuable to breeding experts.

“We wanted to make this incredibly valuable data accessible and transform it into a usable format,” explains Juho Kyntäjä, senior specialist at Mtech.

The client has been happy with the service, praising its opportunities for detailed research.

“NAV Trends creates opportunities to study the genetic trends in our dairy breeds in a very flexible and detailed way,” says Gert Pedersen Aamand, director at NAV.

Cooperation with Mtech has been extremely smooth. “Efficient and flexible. All in all, positive,” says Pedersen Aamand.

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