Manage the food chain with knowledge

As the global food chain is undergoing a profound system-level change, the importance of knowledge management – the utilization of data for quick decision-making in changing situations – is emphasised more than ever before.

Knowledge management increases an organisation’s efficiency and transparency and can be used to analyse history and predict the future.

Huge benefits for the whole food chain

Effective knowledge management is extremely valuable for all operators throughout the food chain. It enables intelligent food production via food supply chain digitalisation and streamlining of production, providing financial and ecological advantages by increasing productivity, reducing waste, and improving traceability.

Digital knowledge management tools can be powerful for any organisation and agricultural sector, from producers to advisory organisations and public authorities. Quick access to relevant information saves time, reduces costs, allows one to be proactive with one’s business decisions – and increases customer satisfaction.

The importance of data integration and standardisation

Today, significant amounts of data are accumulated from various devices, systems, and customer behaviour.

The more data can be refined and specific patterns identified, the more valuable it becomes as a tool for knowledge management.

Since no operator has all the data available, it is necessary to integrate between different operators, utilizing international solutions and standards such as GS1 or iDDEN. “Data and integrations have been Mtech’s core competencies for decades. We have carried out integrations domestically and internationally with several food chain operators. In fact, all our solutions contain integrations,” states Jarkko Ilomäki, COO & CTO at Mtech Digital Solutions.

“The international GS1 standards enable transparent and efficient data management to integrate agriculture with other food industry systems. This is why we want to use international standardisation. For example, we are developing our farming systems to calculate field block-specific environmental impacts,” adds Ilomäki.

iDDEN (The International Dairy Data Exchange Network) is the world’s largest dairy partnership founded by dairy data providers in 13 countries, serving more than 20 million dairy cows, translating to more than half of the recorded cows in the world.
“iDDEN delivers data exchange services that seamlessly integrate on-farm dairy equipment, devices and software with dairy information systems and databases. Mtech has implemented this global service that unifies the integrations of production monitoring systems and milking station and robot manufacturers in all countries,” Jarkko Ilomäki describes.

“iDDEN has now brought together the dairy sectors in Europe, North America and Australia and will continue to be a major developer of technology and services in the industry,” adds Ilomäki about the vast benefits of iDDEN.

Mtech – powerful tools for the global food chain

Mtech’s industry know-how and technical solutions create intelligent, effective and powerful knowledge management tools for the whole food chain.

“Our industry expertise enables us to discuss the most urgent issues and implement the required, efficient technical solutions. We create smart solutions for digitalising your organisation’s operations. Our mission is to build smart food production in a way that helps our customers succeed and meet their challenges,” Jarkko Ilomäki describes.

Mtech is a pioneer in knowledge management in the food chain, having implemented numerous solutions internationally.

Our holistic food chain expertise and smart solutions make us unique.

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