An IT audit led to a highly valuable platform renewal

The update brought many advantages, including improved performance and security.

An IT audit led to a platform renewal that brought NorFor into the 21st century

NorFor is a feed evaluation system used by experts in animal nutrition and information technology in the Nordic countries. Mtech began collaborating with NorFor in 2018 and quickly suggested making improvements to the platform.

To figure out a shared understanding of the current situation and to have a clear roadmap for prioritising tasks over the coming years, Mtech suggested a full IT audit. After the audit, it was clear to both sides that the platform needed to be updated in order to secure the lifespan of the platform.

”It’s good to be proactive when it comes to platform renewal,” says Anton Hokkonen, Tech Lead at Mtech.

“It ensures that there is personnel capacity and calendar time to set the scope and identify the right level of solutions together”, Hokkonen continues.

Being proactive was also important to give NorFor’s different stakeholders enough time to react. NorFor has about 20 stakeholders who needed to implement changes in their own IT systems. Because the renewal was done early enough, they had more than six months to make and test their changes.

The platform renewal gave NorFor many advantages, including improved performance and security, easier integration of clients to modern web interfaces, maintenance cost savings, and safer and easier software development.

‘The platform changes we made thanks to the IT analysis delivered by Mtech improved functionality and security, made it easier to integrate customers into modern interfaces, reduced maintenance costs and made application development more secure and easier,’ Tone Roalkvam, CEO Norfor, says.

The NorFor system is currently used in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland, and it provides reliable feeding solutions to more than 9,000 dairy farms with around 1,000,000 heads of cattle.

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