New redesigned and modernized Wisu at your service

New redesigned and modernized Wisu has been opened for use on January 10th, 2019, as part of MyFarm product family. In the future, it will offer a clear-cut and user-friendly software package for crop planning and crop notes. Users of the MyFarm cattle modules are already familiar with the looks and working logic also applied in the new Wisu. Logging in to the new Wisu is done at the MyFarm login page.

Transfer from WebWisu to the new MyFarm Wisu is easy and painless. WebWisu and MyFarm Wisu use the same database, so no data transfer is required. You can flexibly start using MyFarm Wisu at any point of the crop planning cycle. WebWisu will be maintained until April 30th, 2020.

Easier to use and even more clear-cut

  • Renewed clear-cut and easy-to-use crop planning and crop notes.
  • You can determine what is shown on the tabs, order data according to field or crop name, or to show e.g. only those fields where a certain crop is grown.
  • Fertilisation plans and maximum amount control right at the fertiliser page. Divided fertiliser for grains is a new feature
  • Remaining seeds, fertilisers and crop protection commodities are shown in the new balance service. Easy to write down amounts in stock.
  • Farm summaries in graphs, e.g. annual areas per crop.

Wisu is diversified unity with possibilities to add three different extra modules

Wisu has been designed for mobile devices, and it works in phone or tablet browsers. WisuPrognosis combines data from a farm weather station to the crop notes, predicts the necessity of crop protection, and the development of grass D-value. As a new additional service for summer 2019 Wisu will have precision farming properties. A vegetation index based on satellite pictures gives the opportunity to create site-based fertilisation maps, and deliver them to an ISOBUS fitted tractor and working machine.