Mtech to provide software and hosting services to Norfor

Mtech Digital Solutions Ltd and Norfor have agreed that starting from 2018, Mtech will provide both software development services as well as data center and hosting services to Norfor.  Norfor organization develops and supplies a feed evaluation system called the NorFor Model. The system is currently in use in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland on approximately 9,000 dairy farms with some 1,000,000 head of cattle.

I am very pleased to announce that Mtech will be the new IT service provider for NorFor and all its users. NorFor expects Mtech to be a top provider of IT services with its knowledge in both technical aspects as well as the special needs in animal production that we have”, says Norfor CEO Patrik Nordgren.

Providing IT services to Norfor will strengthen the traditional Nordic co-operation on the agricultural area. From Mtech perspective we look forward for good and fruitful co-operation”, states Mtech Vice President Jarkko Ilomäki. Mtech Digital Solutions Ltd is a digital solutions provider specialised in bioeconomy. Mtech focuses on developing and managing digital services particularly for agriculture and food industry both in Finland and Nordic countries.

For more information:

CEO Patrik Nordgren, patrik.nordgren@vxa.se, www.norfor.info

Vice President Jarkko Ilomäki, jarkko.ilomaki@www.mtech.fi, http://www.mtech.fi/yrityksille/en