Webinar: Seamless connection of software and hardware

This webinar will explore the future of increasingly data-driven farming – what is required in the coming years is a deeper and tighter connection between farming hardware and software. Today’s solutions assist the development with practical tools for smooth and wireless data exchange.

Join our free-of-charge webinar to hear more about key aspects of the transition from field-specific farming to site-specific farming! The webinar will be held by our principal designer of crop production Mikko Hakojärvi.

The webinar has been successfully held. Thank you for attending the webinar! You can find the questions and answers concerning the webinar.

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Seamless connection of software and hardware

Date: 08.06.2022 Time: 16:00 (EET)

About the presenters

Image of: Mikko Hakojärvi

Mikko Hakojärvi

D.Sc., Agronomist
Deputy Director Farm management software
Mtech Digital Solutions

As principal designer Mikko is working for future crop production functionalities on a daily basis. Field practices, yield maps and task files have been his focus areas. Very often he is also involved in national and international research projects which Mtech is actively participating.