Improving farm animal performance with smart technology

Optimising animal health is key in improving animal performance and production efficiency, as well as meeting sustainability goals. How can digitalisation help your organisation reach those goals?

Everyone working in the food supply chain knows that animal diseases come with high operational, economic and environmental costs. Mortality due to animal diseases causes the loss of at least 20% of livestock production globally. This means at least 60 million tonnes of meat and 150 million tonnes of milk are wasted every year, with an estimated value of approximately 260 billion euros. (World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE))

What can we do to avoid such losses? What kind of digital tools are there to ensure animal health and productivity?

Mtech is responding to this challenge with the data integration system Naseva, a digital tool designed by Finland’s top animal health experts that provides a comprehensive digital animal health care register. Naseva, owned by Animal Health ETT, is used nationwide by the whole food industry, including cattle farms, veterinarians, abattoirs, and dairies.

Smart technologies to improve animal health

The secret to Naseva’s success lies in its comprehensive nature. The health register gathers all the relevant animal health data in one digital register, making it possible for the veterinarian to easily access the health data of an individual animal and see patterns on the herd level.

The mobile app NasevaHealthApp, also owned by Animal Health ETT, enables animal health professionals to access relevant information from the field. The service can be accessed from any mobile device. Fast connections to databases speed up processes and prevent double-recording of data.

Solutions for the global food supply chain

Naseva and the related mobile application have transformed the treatment of farm animals in Finland, by making animal health-related work more efficient, accurate, and timely. This contributes to the safety, productivity and sustainability of the whole food supply chain.

“Naseva has been a great success in the food supply chain”, says Taina Ahonen, Key Account Manager at Mtech. “We believe technologies like these represent the future of the food supply chain and should be utilized more broadly. We would be proud to take this expertise to all parts of the world.”

How could you meet your organisations sustainability goals through digital technologies? Get in touch with our experts. We’ll help you find out.


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