Presenting the Mtech data centre

Running your own data centre requires some arrangements but also brings benefits to us and to our customers.

The best thing about having our own data centre is that everything related to the servers is in our own hands. The most important thing for the customer is that without a third party between us, we can react quickly when problems arise.

Our own data centre is hardly visible to the customer – however, an external data centre could be seen in solving problems more slowly, involving also the data centre service provider.

There is a lot to consider when running a data centre, e.g. security and reliability.

Physical security depends on many practical things. Our data centre is a separate space with its own access control, burglary protection and alarms. When the alarm goes on, it automatically notifies the security company.

The gas fire extinguisher system, on the other hand, switches on automatically in the event of fire and causes an alarm. We continuously monitor the temperature and humidity of the premises. These practical little things also include hiding all the cables under a raised floor to avoid stumbling e.g..

Reliability builds on duplicated systems. The power supply is steady thanks to the UPS, and during short power outages (up to a few hours) we get power from the batteries. In case of longer power outages, we have diesel generators. As a preparation for internet outages, we can switch to another operator if one network connection does not work. The communication components are duplicated and we have a separate firewall system.

One guarantee of security is that the centre is based on virtualisation: We are not operating only one computer and one operating system, but virtual computers that run on top of the server. They also have duplicate systems. We make regular backups and save them on separate tapes that we store in a fireproof cabinet.

The data centre is one part of our service, and our owner-customers consider it important. Much of their business depends on our servers.

Our own data centre allows us to arrange the necessary backups and controls, and additional services such as the 24/7 on-call service. That would not be equally easy with an outside service provider.

Cloud services are popular in our time, and we are actively basing our business and our customers’ systems on them as well. During Mtech’s history, we have managed to develop a cost-effective data centre. We have found it wise and useful to maintain and develop it. It brings versatility to our services.