Please meet Mtech’s agile IT team

The Mtech IT service team is a prime example of an agile way to work. “We are one team. Everyone mainly works in their own role but, if necessary, they also step into their colleague’s shoes”, says system manager Toni Haapanen.

Apart from Toni, nine other people belong to the Mtech IT service team. Four of them work in IT support positions. Three persons have a systems specialist role and two have a DBA (database administrator) role. One person operates the system, and of course she has a deputy.

Being a jack of all trades is an important part of a systems specialist’s job description; they may do virtually any of the tasks in the team. Everyone works in both in-house tasks and for clients.

The tasks of our IT support include, for example, installing workstations and telephones, troubleshooting various IT problems related to software, hardware and user guidance, and managing system access rights.

Systems specialists fix problems, maintain and design with servers, telecommunications, disk systems, software and cloud services as their field of work. In DBA jobs, the tasks are like those of systems specialists, but in database environments.

Toni, Mika, Antti, Arsi, Janne, Teemu, Sampsa, Mohamed, Marko and Terhi will be happy to assist to the needs of your company as well. You can receive service from Vantaa, Rovaniemi and right now also from New Zealand. When you need IT services, please contact us, and we will tailor a service package just for you!