IT system analysis is risk management

Do you know the condition of your company’s information systems? You should.

Your company’s information systems may include risks that cannot be discovered without a systematic assessment and analysis of the condition of the IT system. Our experts review the company’s key IT applications and analyse the solutions with the customer’s current and future needs in mind. The following are reviewed in the IT system analysis:

  1. Technical lifecycle assessment of the applications: how long are the current solutions functional, safe, and efficient and meet the changing needs of the customer?
  2. Application architecture: are the solutions economically viable, coherent, and easy to develop in the future? Are they responsive to changes in usage and user volumes?
  3. Information security: is the identity and access management system up to date to fight off security attacks?
  4. Documentation: is further development of the applications possible and effective with the current documentation approach?
  5. Application development process: how large part of the application development is automated?

Read the following sections of our blog to learn more about what types of risks you can avoid with IT system analysis carried out by an expert and contact us for more information!

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