It pays to ask for help with corporate IT services

Digitalization and robotization are continuing to develop rapidly, so the need for various information-technical solutions will remain high in the future. Mtech offers companies in various industries a wide range of IT services, all based on customized solutions to meet the customer’s real needs.

Information technology has taken great strides over the last decades, and there is no end in sight to its development. Digitalization and robotization are continuing to develop rapidly, so the need for various IT solutions will only increase in the future.

In practice, almost all companies nowadays require various IT services.

“Even though we often think they play an auxiliary role, IT services are of key significance to a company’s operations. It is often impossible to meet customer expectations if the IT side of things isn’t working properly,” says Toni Haapanen, systems manager at Mtech Digital Solutions.

Haapanen works at MTech as the IT team’s supervisor. He is also responsible for the high-quality and cost-efficient operation of the server room and for IT support and system specialist services. He also acts in a specialist role in the company’s most significant IT projects.

Data security, back-ups and IT consulting – all from Mtech

Mtech offers companies in various industries a range of versatile IT services, such as software, server room services, and IT support and consulting. It is also possible for customers to purchase workstations, servers, or other IT-related equipment through Mtech.

The sale of various cloud services makes up a key part of Mtech’s operations. Companies can use F-Secure data security products to protect its workstations, servers and mobile devices from threats such as viruses, malware or spyware.

Nexetic Shield Backup on the other hand is a remote workstation backup service, which automatically creates back-up copies of workstation files in the cloud.

“The solution protects against loss of data and allows for the rapid restoration of data if a workstation breaks or is stolen,” explains Haapanen.

Customers can use Mtech’s IT consulting service to gain an overall view of its IT environment and its cost-efficiency, and receive a summary with recommendations for action. It is also possible to order a server or network specialist for various IT projects through the service.

“When consulting, our IT specialists agree with the customer on a case-by-case basis with regard to the desired content and extent of the service, and the focus of the procedures. We have received good feedback on our specialists’ professional skills.”

Minimize financial and corporate image-related risks

In today’s corporate world, functional IT solutions are not only a prerequisite for business, they are also an important part of data security and corporate image.

“As business becomes digitalized, key operational data and functions are located on servers, at workstations, or in various cloud services. The permanent loss of data or data leaks can easily result in sizeable financial losses. In addition, they can damage a company’s image and reputation, and those cannot be replaced with money,” adds Haapanen.

In addition, the EU General Data Protection Regulation which is due to come into effect at the end of May also sets its own requirements on companies which process personal data. There are therefore many reasons why companies should not neglect data security in their IT systems.

Customized solutions to meet the customer’s needs at any given time

IT services can be complex, and companies’ needs for different services and kinds of service can vary dramatically. It takes skills, time and resources to fine-tune IT services. If you don’t have sufficient resources yourself, it’s well worth purchasing data security and IT services to ensure that they are dealt with reliably and professionally.

“Here at Mtech we provide solutions to meet the customer’s true needs. Our strength is listening to the customer and offering them the best solution that is then customized just for them,” summarizes Haapanen.

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