Integration is a tool for combining data repositories

We often offer our customers an integration solution as a tool for combining data. Businesses and organisations in the same field benefit from the possibility of transferring data between their systems. Some services cannot even function without transferring data between different organisations.

Transferring data between organisations enables the merging of data, which allows for comprehensive analysis using data analytics. New integrations can be built on top of the combined repositories by sharing data between partners. The possibilities of integrations are limitless!

Integrating the hoof treatments information

Our customer, Faba, has been collecting data about the hoof treatments performed by hoof trimmers and cattle farmers as well as the hoof disease notes of veterinarians for decades. Our long-time customer, Animal Health ETT, has used the hoof disease notes made by veterinarians in the company’s Naseva system. When this data is integrated so that the data is transferred from Faba to the ETT database and vice versa on a daily basis, both companies have more extensive data about bovine hoof treatment. The data is used by cattle farmers to monitor the hoof health status of livestock and by veterinarians during health care visits to farms. In addition, hoof treatment data is used when calculating the breeding values of animals.

Integration is a way to combine data stored in different formats between registers.

Data transfer through the open interface

The Finnish Food Authority maintains an official register of cattle in Finland. Mtech has created an open interface (NAVRA) for the official cattle register. Through this interface, organisations that have the Finnish Food Authority’s permission to use the cattle register’s data can access the data with a farm entrepreneur’s authorisation. This is an advantageous solution for organisations that use cattle register’s data. Building your own interface for each organisation would be laborious and expensive.

NAVRA is used to transfer data to about ten organisations every day. One of the users is Animal Health ETT. It provides veterinarians with information on which farm the animal is located so that animals can be treated and their treatments can be recorded in the healthcare system. NAVRA is used extensively every day by Mtech’s MyFarm service. Producers record the events related to their cattle in the MyFarm, which delivers the notifications required by authorities to the cattle register. At the same time, the information in the cattle register is updated for use by producers who use the MyFarm service.

Combining data repositories is only one use for IT integration. Make sure to read our blog to learn of all the other benefits and how to get cost savings with the help of interface solutions or create better user experience. Or contact us!

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