Digitalisation revolutionises farm management

Digitalising farm management could be the most important business decision a farmer could make. But how do you make the most of digital technologies?

Digital technology is revolutionising the way food is produced. Consumers value pure, sustainable, and traceable food. They want their food to be on the table when they need it. They are willing to pay for a high-quality product and a 100% reliable supply chain.

One way to stand out in today’s business environment is to gain a competitive edge through digitalisation. Even though working on a farm is real, concrete work, a lot of the time-consuming management tasks can be digitalised effectively.

Technology can help to gather all the data in one place, making it possible for the farmer to get up-to-date information about their animals and crops. Technology can also be a powerful tool for any organisation in the agricultural sector in need of knowledge management, including advisory organisations, breeding associations and public authorities.

Finland’s most popular farm platform

Mtech has created one of the world’s most comprehensive farm management platforms, MyFarm. The MyFarm software consists of modules for herd, crop and financial management, gathering all relevant data in one place.

The software collects information about the animals’ wellbeing throughout their life cycle.

Having immediate access to relevant information increases productivity, reduces costs and gives farmers the opportunity to be proactive with their business decisions.  The software was made in collaboration with farmers and Finland’s top IT experts.

”The technology used allows for seamless 24/7 connectivity. The software connects to third-party registers and databases, which the farmer didn’t have easy access to before”, says Juho Kyntäjä, Senior Specialist at Mtech. “These innovations represent the future of farm management. We are proud to be at the forefront of that development.”

The future of farm management is digital

Digital technologies will only continue to gain importance in farm management and agriculture. They will increase productivity, efficiency, and eventually customer satisfaction. As we find new ways to produce food in a sustainable, efficient way, digital innovations like these will play a big role.

The launch of MyFarm has had great success in the Nordics. In Finland, it has had a remarkably high customer satisfaction rate of over 85%. Because of its modular structure, it can be personalised to bring a competitive edge to any organisations in all parts of the food supply chain.

How could your organisation benefit from digital farm management? Get in touch with our experts and we’ll help you find out.