Digitalisation has increased the need for IT services – is your company up to date?

During the last few years, digitalisation has changed our daily and working lives radically. It has penetrated even areas that earlier were almost untouched by information technology. At the same time, digitalisation has increased the need for services.

The three key IT services with increased demand during the last years:

1.Support services

Irrespective of the kind of industry, business has become more and more electronic. The number of electronic devices has grown even in those industries that did not usually take advantage of information technology. This has increased the demand for support services. Upkeep, data security, maintenance and user support are services worth outsourcing if they are not part of the core competence of your own business.An example of an industry where traditionally the role of information technology has been marginal is estate maintenance. Nowadays though, the management of personal tasks and task distribution would usually be electronic. The employees might have telephones with a locating app that can track their movements. The employees also use interface connecting services when, e.g. remotely monitoring the status of the estate HVAC systems.

2. Data analysis

Companies gather, process and analyse more and more information. It has increased the need for digital tools. For example, the demand for data analysis cloud services has grown and their use has expanded. When data management becomes the most important part in the company business, data processing and analysis grow in importance.

3. Technical solutions to support remote work

With changes in the nature of employment and in the place where we work, all services must be available irrespective of time and place. The expansion of remote work has considerably increased the demand for VPN connections, remote control connections, and different cloud services.

If the support services in your company are in need of an update, our IT services will be happy to assist!