Cost savings or more revenues with the help of interface solutions

IT integrations often appear to users as interfaces through which information is transferred. By using the same interface from one system to solve the need of multiple organisations is a very cost-effective solution. This way, every user does not have to pay for building a complete interface. Instead, they pay a smaller fee for using a shared interface.

When the national Finnish bovine register is renewed in spring 2022, the integration solutions of multiple organisations that handle bovine data no longer work with the current bovine register. The new bovine register’s data is transferred through the national data exchange layer X-Road. Mtech provides many partners an easy implementation of X-Road. Implementing the data exchange layer is a demanding technical task that requires specific know-how.

By using a shared solution, partners can avoid this excess work and avoid extra costs.

Mtech has implemented an interface for Animal Health ETT to the Biocheck system. Biocheck.UGent is a biosecurity survey that was developed at Ghent University in Belgium. A vet conducts an audit visit to a farm and fills out the biosecurity survey. The vet saves the information to Animal Health ETT’s cattle health care register Naseva, which sends the information to the Biocheck service through an interface. The tool calculates a score for the farm and also provides the national average score for comparison. Global comparison is also possible. The calculation occurs in a centralised manner at Biocheck, and therefore the mathematical formulas used in the calculation do not have to be updated for different operators. It is less laborious and more secure to only transfer the calculation result through the interface.

Another important perspective to interfaces and business operation is revenue generation. When a company has a service that it offers for a fee, it is often profitable to also provide an interface through which the data is transferred. Along with new operators, the amount of available reference data grows, which increases the value of the service for all integrated organisations.

Whether the goal of your integration strategy is cost savings or new business operations, the core competence of Mtech is technical implementation of interface solutions in a way that maintains high service and information security levels, even in long life cycle services.

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