Mtech has acquired Datatech’s software business

Mtech Digital Solutions Oy has acquired the software business of Datatech Oy, which consists of financial management and crop planning software sold under the Aktiivi trademark.

The acquisition is in line with Mtech’s strategy to strengthen its software business in the Finnish agricultural market.

“The deal strengthens our position as the leading supplier of farm software in Finland. Datatech’s customers and solutions fit perfectly into our business, and as a pioneer in farm software, we are able to bring a lot of new value to the whole,” says Christian Jurvanen, CEO of Mtech.

Kari Lehtola, CEO of Datatech and its owner, Pellon Group, considers it important that customers continue to receive high-quality and expert service.

“We are very satisfied that we found a good home for Datatech’s customers at Mtech,” Kari Lehtola says.

“The deal also provides excellent conditions for wider cooperation with Mtech in the development of digital solutions for livestock production. In the future, the Pellon Group will invest in internationally fast-growing, low-emission feeding automation technology, where environmentally friendly digital solutions for arable farming, feeding planning and financial management are in a key role.  We believe that Mtech is best situated to take this development forward in the Nordic countries,” Lehtola continues.

Datatech’s Aktiivi programmes’ services for customers will continue unchanged. Current employees will be transferred to Mtech.

Datatech Oy

• Specialised software agency for agricultural entrepreneurs’ financial management and crop cultivation software
• 2 employees, founded 1989, office in Ylihärmä

Pellon Group konserni

• A Finnish family business that manufactures and sells technology and related services for livestock farms
• Approximately 110 employees, founded in 1966, head office in Ylihärmä