Have you got a new idea for a digital service, but are not sure how to implement it in practice? Does your idea require testing before financial decisions are made? Do you need something tangible to present to your sponsor? Conceptualisation is the answer.


  • determines the most important properties and activities
  • drafts the solution’s user experience and architecture (framework)
  • estimates the costs and/or work required for the solution
  • recommends what to do next
  • The conceptualisation process

    Based on ideas, our group of multiprofessionals will design a concept that is eligible for implementation. In accordance with the holistic agile model, the ready concept can be then move on to agile planning.

    During the conceptualisation phases, business dimensions are mapped and indicators for success are set; these are data points for success that will be monitored during the implementation phase. At the same time, a Minimum Viable Product will be designed in order for the idea to be tested in practice. The advantages of the concept can be seen rather soon once the MVP has been designed well, in the technical implementation phase.

    Conceptualisation helps to put ideas into practice. A well-designed concept can help a project sponsor to easily see potential benefits.

    Conceptualisation as part of the Lean Digitalisation Framework

    If your ideas for a new or existing digital service are not quite ready for conceptualisation yet, we recommend Mtech’s Digital Workshop. It is excellent for collecting thoughts and defining them into ideas that are suitable for implementation, which then allows for conceptualisation. A Digital Workshop is also suitable for conceptualisation planning.

    At Mtech, conceptualisation is part of Lean Digitalisation Framework, and therefore is supported by agile planning, architecture, portfolio management and development. Our service is not just limited to planning; we are happy to implement a conceptualised product with you.

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