Special areas of knowhow

  • Animal production
  • Animal recording
  • Animal data systems
  • International communication


At Mtech, Juho Kyntäjä has been involved in projects around the milk recording system, breeding services and cattle movement register. He is also involved in the development of new products for the international market such as MyICAR and SimplyCow. Juho is also a member of the ICAR Milk recording working group, and the chair of the Expert Advisory Group on the ICAR Certificate of Quality.

Before his time at Mtech, Juho worked five years in the feed industry, mainly concentrating in international projects with cattle, pigs and poultry. After that, he spent 10 years gaining experience as a development manager for milk recording and feeding advisory services at ProAgria.

Juho is a graduate of the Helsinki University, majoring in Animal Science. He also has an upper secondary certificate in management.

Juho Kyntäjä Senior Specialist juho.kyntaja@www.mtech.fi +358 405 176 972