Juho Kyntäjä, Senior Specialist: the man for answers to your milk recording questions

How did you find your way to Mtech?

I started at Mtech in 2010. Before that, I had worked for our owner and customer ProAgria since 2000, so I already the knew the company quite well. A position opened, and I came over to Mtech.

What do you do here?

I work as a senior specialist at Customer Solutions Global unit. My work here at Mtech is mainly related to milk production, milk recording and data transfer related issues.  I also have some international responsibilities on that field. I take active part in many of our international software and customer projects.

What is your normal day like?

There is no normal day in Mtech as there are so many kinds of days. Sometimes I go through lot of meetings and sometimes, I have none. I also participate in ICAR work and meetings, and I am responsible for the ICAR Certificate of Quality system. In that quality, I get to have some contact with organizations in other countries as well.

What kind of things excite you at work?

I am quite sociable, and this work excites me because I get a chance to make international contacts and meet many of people, which also always is an opportunity to learn new things. On the surface, milk recording may seem to be simple issue, but in fact it is a very complex process when you consider all the data exchange, thus I am very interested to work with the different systems used in milk production, recording and data capture around the world.

What is your nicest memory related to Mtech?

There are lots of wonderful memories with Mtech and people working here. The Milk recording reform project that we successfully completed in 2015 is one of my favorites in terms of achievement and learning experiences. The project was the responsibility of ProAgria and it resulted in a remarkable positive change in the Finnish milk recording system and practices.

What do you do on your free time?

I have a big family, and in fact I spend most of my free time doing things my children like to do. I love to spend time with them.

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