Grow your dairy business with efficient data integration

Data integrations are vital in ensuring an efficient flow of information between various large data sources. Mtech has used its high level of agricultural and digital expertise to create some of the most significant international data integration projects in the dairy industry, benefiting dairy farmers worldwide.

The International Dairy Data Exchange Network (iDDEN)

iDDEN is the world’s largest dairy partnership founded by Dairy Data Organisations (MROs) milk recording organisations in 13 countries. The member organisations serve more than 200,000 herds with 20 million dairy cows, translating to more than half of the recorded cows in the world.

Data Integration Success Story for Dairy Industry.

Since 2014, the Nordic advisory organisations had been developing a joint Nordic Cattle Data eXchange (NCDX) platform to solve the integration challenges and simplify the data transfer solutions between equipment manufactures and milk recording organisations.

In 2020, iDDEN purchased the NCDX platform and is currently investing to enhance the functionality of the hub, including integration with cloud-based systems.

Mtech has been responsible for the technical implementation and maintenance of NCDX since the beginning. Currently, Mtech also works as one of the key technology providers for iDDEN.

“iDDEN will deliver data exchange services that seamlessly integrate on-farm dairy equipment and devices, plus software, with national dairy information systems and databases. iDDEN is founded on strong principles of data governance and autonomy and consent for data sharing.”, says Reinhard Reents, general manager of iDDEN and of vit (Germany), one of the owners of iDDEN.

Up-to-date information helps to cut costs

Another data integration success story comes from the milk recording system Mtech created for ProAgria, an agricultural advisory and development organisation. The service allows milk producers to examine their production cost and income at a yearly level, compare the data with farms of the same size and make simulations on how different types of changes would affect the costs.

The service was developed in co-operation with Valio, the biggest dairy company in Finland. The service is open to all dairy farmers in milk recording and to every milk producer supplying milk to Valio, which accounts for 80 % of Finland´s milk in total.

The service comes at a crucial moment for milk producers, as the costs of fertilizers and energy keep going up. By getting comprehensive data on their business, the dairy farmer can locate the exact points where their business is not running at its most effective level and make changes accordingly.

The feedback from the dairy farmers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Mtech is the absolute forerunner when it comes to agricultural technology”, says Jaana Kiljunen, Senior Advisor at ProAgria. “They have incredible skill at bringing the latest technological development to agricultural business before anyone else.”

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