Warm summer greetings from Mtech

Finally, summer and its high temperatures have arrived — even at our latitude — and many of us soon leave office duties for a well-deserved vacation away from work.

When you’re relaxing this summer, it’s good to spend some time reflecting on the efforts and achievements of your organisation. In Mtech, the last half-year has meant intensive work with both old and new customers. Everyone strives to digitalise their business to increase their customer’s value, streamline their internal processes, or modernize their digital ecosystem. In being proactive and foresighted, there is great potential in the digital transformation of our customers’ businesses. It has been very inspiring being a part of these huge changes.  Looking back on the last six months, there are some key success factors in our recent projects that we want to share:

  1. Well-defined, described, and understanding of the scope of the project.
  2. Use of mock-ups and prototyping as part of the development work to explore the potential ways to reach the scope the best way.
  3. Open attitude to discarding or adding ideas to the project as the team gains more knowledge and insight
  4. Clear communication between the whole project team

Although summer vacation is a time to relax, it’s also useful to use that downtime to reflect on what has been effective — or not! —  so that a deeper understanding can be reached and we can come back with renewed energy and ideas.

With that said, I want to wish all of our customers and partners a wonderful summer vacation! Mtech looks forward to starting up the work again after the vacation and welcoming new customers and projects.