Mtech is expanding to Finnish Lapland

Mtech Digital Solutions Oy is a Finnish software company specializing in digital solutions for the bioeconomy. It operates in all of the Nordic countries and is also currently expanding its operations elsewhere in Europe. The company set up a branch in Rovaniemi on 5.3.2018 and is offering work to IT industry professionals in the Lapland region of Finland.

New employees are already hard at work in Rovaniemi, and the new branch’s first task was to develop a 2.0 version of the MtechSalesMap application. To begin with, the Rovaniemi branch on Ainonkatu will employ four software industry professionals who live in Rovaniemi. “Our aim is to set up a total of three software development teams in Rovaniemi over three years, and to employ around 15-20 people,” says Mtech’s CDO Markku Brummer.

Lapland’s economy is the fastest-growing in Finland and Mtech wants to be involved in the growth, which is sure to bring development needs for new digital services to Lapland. Mtech wants to be able to serve its customers close by, and that’s why a branch was set up in Rovaniemi. “We have hired a sales manager for Rovaniemi. There are plenty of opportunities for cooperation in both Finnish Lapland and Northern Sweden. Companies operating in Lapland can now partner with an innovative, Finnish software development company to develop their digital services,” says Brummer.

For Mtech’s new development manager, Päivi Hast, Mtech’s expansion to Rovaniemi made two of her dreams come true: the opportunity to live in Lapland and to work in the software industry. “I moved from Rovaniemi to Oulu to study when I was 19 years old, and it was possible to move back to Rovaniemi because my children are under school age. We moved back late last summer when we got jobs in Rovaniemi. I knew back last spring when I took my previous job that it wasn’t really what I wanted to do, but it was work nonetheless. I knew that there were no ICT industry companies in Rovaniemi who work with and develop software. Mtech’s new branch made it possible for me to work in Rovaniemi in the software industry,” explains Hast. Hast has previously worked as a Scrum Master at Nokia in Tampere.

Mtech specializes in digital solutions for the bioeconomy which are implemented in accordance with the modern agile development model. Mtech’s operating models are unified and work is carried out in groups. Over 120 Mtech employees serve companies in Lapland.

Further information is available from:

CDO Markku Brummer
+358 (0)400 555757